Our Mission Is your success

Designing a brand can feel like an elusive concept. Leaving business owners feeling like they're trying to pluck a fuzzy, moving target out of thin air & shape it into a smooth golden egg.

Leaving them frustrated.

We believe four is the magic number. Any brand can be directed to clarity, through pragmatism & the power of four.

Our Vision is your vision

How much time are you wasting by not using a proven framework to establish your brand? Worse yet, how much money are you losing because of confused messaging?

The “secret sauce” of branding shouldn’t be reserved for Fortune 500 companies with large budgets & access to the biggest creative agencies.

At Theory Four™ we remove the guesswork in creating brands that perform to a gold standard.

We want to leave the world in a better place than we found it by using strategy & design to develop international brands that brim with altruism, nurturing a better tomorrow.

Our process makes history

Theory Four™ is the only brand strategy framework that leverages Aristotle’s Modes of persuasion & the power of the number four. Combined with design thinking it distills & aligns your expert knowledge into a strategy that helps you gain clarity, stand out, tell your story, & celebrate your value.

To put it simply, we employ ancient wisdom to create future proof brands.

day one



aims &


On day one we start with why. Why does the company exist beyond making money? What do you aim to achieve?

What purpose do you want to fulfill before you no longer have the chance. Your vision statement will become clear.

View our vision statement.

day two

build logic

reason &


Having set your overarching purpose in stone, day two focuses in on the nuts & bolts of the operation.

The what. We’ll take time to realise your core values as we define your proposition through brand logic, a one liner & your positioning statement.

View our positioning statement.

day three


ethics trust

& credibility

We look at how you’re different. How do you set yourself apart from the crowd? Does your voice cut through a sea of “me too” noise? Why are you special? What can you own? Is it provable? Is it defensible?

We’ll capture your “onlyness” statement to create a differentiation strategy that tells people why to choose you.

View our onlyness statement.

day four

appeal to


& values

On the final day we consider how storytelling impacts your brand. Leveraging the ancient framework of stories to appeal to your audiences emotions and values. We build on the audience insights from day three, discovering who the important characters are and what role they play.

We create a 1st, 2nd and third act that becomes your mission statement. Finishing with core priorities moving forward beyond the workshop.

View our mission statement.

the result

your brand


After day four, we use all of the insights gained, coupled with in depth brand & competitor audit, to design your brand playbook. Not to be confused with brand guidelines. This is a living brief on how to execute and conduct your brand.

You can use the playbook to engage us to execute the visual expression of your brand across all touch points.



There are four things we ask of anyone attending our strategy sessions.

start on time

You still have a business to run, we respect that. Our sessions start an hour after your business day begins. Start at 8? We go at 9. Start at 9? We kick off at 10. This gives you a chance to answer any pressing emails and direct your teams, before we start.

show up empty

You might’ve attended workshops in the past, but not like this. We ask you turn up “empty”. With a clear mind. No preconceived notions. Allow ideas to come naturally. There are no wrong answers, just collaborative thinking.

no devices

Part of turning up empty means avoiding distraction. This is why we ask for devices to be kept to a minimum. No laptops or tablets. Phones only, kept in your pocket unless a call is urgent. A notepad and pen is encouraged.

we facilitate

We’ll time box discussions and exercises accordingly to keep a cadence that allows us to deliver in 4 days. That might mean ending a discussion prematurely. Note the thought down and come back to it later on.

Don't waste time & energy.

pursue growth & Bring

home the gold.

Don't waste time & energy pursue growth™ & bring home the gold.