Unleashing Distinctive Brand Assets to Assist User Experience

Go Assist, an on-demand home services provider, sought our expertise to overcome brand identity challenges hindering conversion rates and customer recall. While they offered a range of services, the lack of distinct brand assets impacted online performance, customer satisfaction, and hindered both PPC and Out-of-Home advertising efforts.

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The opportunity

Our mission was to infuse creativity into Go Assist's brand, crafting a memorable identity that resonated with users. By addressing the lack of distinct assets, we aimed to boost online conversions, enhance customer recall, and open avenues for effective advertising.

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What we did

Our approach involved the creation of a robust set of distinctive assets, including various logo marks, badges for unique selling points (USPs), service roundels, brand patterns, and engaging brand mascots. These mascots, such as "Gus Go Assist" and "Betty Boilers," were illustrated in a 1930s rubberhose style, adding a touch of nostalgia while maintaining a modern feel. This comprehensive brand overhaul extended to UX design and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) practices, doubling the average weekly conversion of new users to online bookings.

The outcome

The introduction of vibrant brand assets, coupled with a refined UX and CRO strategy, revolutionised Go Assist's online presence. Customers now have memorable mascots to associate with each service, enhancing brand recall. The incorporation of these assets into PPC landing pages further optimised the online booking process, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates. The extended use of Wized for form flows allowed us to iterate and test variations seamlessly, ensuring optimal user interactions while efficiently managing CRM integration and service request processes.

This case study exemplifies our ability to not only reimagine brand identities but also enhance user experiences and drive tangible results in online conversion rates.

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I've worked with Theory Four for 3 years now and would highly recommend them for effective and strategic branding and UX design. As well as bringing business-directed visions to life, they've also helped us by spotting numerous opportunities for improved conversion over the years.

Jessie Taylor

Head of Marketing


Go Assist

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