Fig. 1: Our mission is your success

Four is the magic number

Designing brands and digital products can often feel an elusive concept. Leaving you trying to hit a blurry, moving target out of thin air. Resulting in stress and spinning your wheels for too long.

We believe four is the magic number. Any brand can achieve rapid growth, through ancient wisdom and the power of four.

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Fig. 11: Our vision is finding yours

How much time and money are you losing without tapping into ancient wisdom for your digital product?

At Theory Four, we believe in democratising success, removing guesswork from brand creation. With our strategic approach, we aim to build brands that embody altruism, leaving a positive impact on the world.

Fig 111: Our values

Wisdom is the sum of knowledge and experience

We seek wisdom and pursue growth. These four Delphic maxims of ancient wisdom infuse everything we do.

Know thyself

And according to Epictetus, adorn yourself accordingly. Understand your strengths and limitations then design for those.

Nothing to excess

Keep it simple stupid (KISS). There's enough complexity in the world. The most elegant solutions are the simplest.

Long for wisdom

We are life-long learners. That wisdom positions your business for success.

Give what you have

Leaving things better than we found them. We're always striving to push the envelope and make things better for others.

Fig 1v: Our team

Small by design, distributed and wise

We are a small remote team, bolstered by top freelance talent.

Our roster of Theorists has been vetted so we know they deliver exceptional work.

Profile Picture of Andrew Freelander
Andrew Freelander
Founder & Creative Director

Level-C Certified Brand specialist, Webflow Expert and UX Practitioner. 10 years experience delivering growth for digital products.

Profile Picture of Andrew Freelander
Terry Freelander
Lead Designer

Creative lead from a teaching and education background. Introducing new concepts of design, language and wisdom.

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Fig. v: Our process

History in the making

Our 3 step process works for brand, digital (UX & CRO) and Webflow projects alike. We unearth needs, gather knowledge then make, test, measure, learn and iterate.

Fig. v.1

Book a discovery call

To iron out the nitty gritty of your project needs. once we're aligned and contracts are signed we'll get started.

Fig. v.11

Kick-off workshop

To gather any knowledge we didn't get from the initial call. Setting us up for the best possible chance of success.

Fig. v.111

The agile flywheel

Time to start creating and getting it done. Once we've reached the first iteration point we'll release, measure and learn. Then start the next iteration.

Fig v1: Case studies

Growth stories

Stories of real growth we've delivered for our partners.

I've worked with Theory Four for 3 years now and would highly recommend them for effective and strategic branding and UX design. As well as bringing business-directed visions to life, they've also helped us by spotting numerous opportunities for improved conversion over the years.

Jessie Taylor

Head of Marketing


Go Assist

Working with Theory Four has been an amazing experience. From realising exactly what we wanted to communicate through to the swift delivery, we've been impressed. After making tweaks to the site over time everyone at Growth HQ agreed; We already liked the first version, but this is on another level - we love it!

Inez Miedema

Co-Founder & CEO


Growth HQ

Seek wisdom, pursue growth

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