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Fig. 1: Four pillars of digital

Improvement driven by Socratic ignorance

Socrates, known for claiming he knew nothing, engaged in dialogues to uncover gaps in knowledge. This humility, termed Socratic ignorance, values continual questioning and learning over false certainty.

Get data driven

What pre-existing quantitative data can be analysed to formulate hypotheses to improve what you are doing digitally?

User research

What can we learn from your current users by conducting research and interviews with them? What methods exist to capture feedback today?

Split testing

A/B, Split URL and multi arm bandit tests can all be run to improve conversion once a hypothesis has been determined.


Heuristics and cognitive biases are leveraged to create intuitive interfaces that align with users' natural thought processes.

Fig. 11: How to get started

History in the making

Fig. 11.1

Book a discovery call

To iron out the nitty gritty of your project needs. once we're aligned and contracts are signed we'll get started.

Fig. 11.11

Kick-off workshop

To gather any knowledge we didn't get from the initial call. Setting us up for the best possible chance of success.

Fig. 11.111

The agile flywheel

Time to start creating and getting it done. Once we've reached the first iteration point we'll release, measure and learn. Then start the next iteration.

Fig. 111: Our work

Recent projects

Examples of how we've employed ancient wisdom to help companies grow.

Go Assist

Go Assist, an on-demand home services provider, sought our expertise to overcome brand identity challenges hindering conversion rates and customer recall.
Conversion Rate Optimsation
Webflow Development

Collective Continuum

In collaboration with Shoreditch design studio, we undertook the challenge of enhancing Collective Continuum's website's mobile responsiveness.
Webflow Development


Embarking on a new journey, Padly sought our expertise from concept to creation.
Conversion Rate Optimsation
Webflow Development

Growth HQ

When Growth HQ, an affiliate marketing agency, found themselves in a bind with a less-than-optimal WordPress developer, they turned to us for a website revival.
Digital Experiences
Wordpress to Weblow
Webflow Development
Fig. 1v: Let's talk

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Fig. v: Testimonials

What our partners say

Working with Theory Four has been an amazing experience. From realising exactly what we wanted to communicate through to the swift delivery, we've been impressed. After making tweaks to the site over time everyone at Growth HQ agreed; We already liked the first version, but this is on another level - we love it!

Inez Miedema

Co-Founder & CEO


Growth HQ

There's no way we could have launched our service to market as quickly without Theory four. The team were really responsive and full of ideas to bring it to life quickly. Extremely satisfied with the end result. The quality of design that came out of their process has enabled us to start generating leads straight away.

Jimmy Charman

Assistant Managing Director



I've worked with Theory Four for 3 years now and would highly recommend them for effective and strategic branding and UX design. As well as bringing business-directed visions to life, they've also helped us by spotting numerous opportunities for improved conversion over the years.

Jessie Taylor

Head of Marketing


Go Assist

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