Optimizing Mobile UX for Collective Continuum

In collaboration with Shoreditch design studio, we undertook the challenge of enhancing Collective Continuum's website's mobile responsiveness. Despite seamless desktop functionality, mobile users faced choppiness in lottie animations and a subpar scrolling experience.

Webflow Development
Collective Continuum

The opportunity

The project presented a chance to elevate Collective Continuum's online presence. The identified problem lay in the mobile user experience, impacting user engagement. Addressing this challenge meant not just fixing a technical glitch but redefining how users interacted with the brand on mobile devices. We kept the narrative that the scrolling animation told as in tact as possible while also making it easy for user to navigate the page and surface key information.

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What we did

Our journey involved navigating through several attempted solutions. We explored GSAP scrollTrigger and lenis code solutions, experimented with lottie chunks, smooth scrolling, canvas rendering, CSS scroll snapping, and even delved into Intersection observers. The breakthrough came with the implementation of the scrollify scroll snapping library, coupled with strategically placed sticky buttons for smooth navigation.

The outcome

Our tailored solution using the scrollify library, combined with lottie chunks and sticky buttons, transformed the mobile user experience for Collective Continuum. By overcoming the challenges of animation rendering on mobile, we achieved a flawless scrolling experience.

The website now boasts not only improved functionality but a user-friendly interface that aligns seamlessly with Collective Continuum's brand identity. This case study showcases our commitment to finding innovative solutions, we managed to meet a tight deadline, enabling the client could carry out a planned launch of the site to it's community.

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