Pioneering Home Installations for a Greener Tomorrow

Embarking on a new journey, Padly, an innovative home installations company focused on enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in UK homes, sought our expertise from concept to creation. From shaping brand strategy to developing a captivating identity and a seamless Webflow web presence, we were tasked with turning a vision into a reality.

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The opportunity

Padly's mission was clear: to make homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. In a day-long discovery session, we crafted the company's ethos, mission, vision, and unique selling proposition. The "info to eco" approach emerged, guiding consumers through complex products and empowering them to make informed decisions for a harmonious home. Initially focusing on boiler installations, Padly aimed to expand rapidly into other green solutions.

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What we did

The journey began with presenting three distinctive stylescapes, shaping the visual direction of the brand. With a chosen design direction, we crafted a clean, bright, and serene identity for Padly's online presence. Immediate immersion into Webflow allowed us to build multi-step lead generation form landing pages and a dynamic blog area, pivotal for disseminating crucial information to consumers. The focus on simplicity and ease of launch centered around boiler installations, laying the groundwork for future expansion into solar, battery storage, and glazing solutions.

The outcome

Padly's brand now exudes a fresh and harmonious energy, reflecting the company's commitment to eco-friendly home solutions. The Webflow-built platform seamlessly integrates a multi-step lead generation form and an informative blog, supporting organic and PPC-driven traffic. Padly's identity and online presence are not just about installations; they're a testament to simplifying complex concepts and guiding consumers toward a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Since launch Padly now has a steady stream of boiler installation leads and has begun taking bookings at a higher than expected rate for 12 months post launch.

This case study showcases our ability to shape a brand from inception, aligning it with a clear vision and strategy, and translating it into a captivating online experience.

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There's no way we could have launched our service to market as quickly without Theory four. The team were really responsive and full of ideas to bring it to life quickly. Extremely satisfied with the end result. The quality of design that came out of their process has enabled us to start generating leads straight away.

Jimmy Charman

Assistant Managing Director



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