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When Growth HQ, an affiliate marketing agency, found themselves in a bind with a less-than-optimal WordPress developer, they turned to us for a website revival. Transitioning to Webflow, we not only salvaged the site but also infused it with a fresh look and feel. Drawing inspiration from their existing logo, we crafted a comprehensive style guide and introduced a bespoke illustration set, providing a credible foundation for their online growth.

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The opportunity

The challenge was clear - transform a struggling web presence into a credible platform that aligns with Growth HQ's vision for business expansion. By moving away from past issues and embracing Webflow, we set out to enhance the site's aesthetics and functionality.

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What we did

Our first step was the seamless migration of the website to Webflow, setting the stage for a comprehensive redesign. Using colors from their existing logo, we developed a cohesive style guide that laid the foundation for the site's visual identity. Complementing this, we introduced a bespoke illustration set, adding a unique touch to their brand colors. Subsequently, we expanded the site's capabilities, integrating blog functionality, team profiles, case studies, and pricing tables.

The outcome

Growth HQ's website underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from a troubled WordPress site to a sleek and credible Webflow-powered platform. The harmonious blend of colors, illustrations, and enhanced functionalities created a compelling online presence. The addition of blog content, team profiles, case studies, and pricing tables enriched the user experience, showcasing Growth HQ's expertise and fostering business growth. Since launch Growth HQ have gone from strength to strength growing their team and client book.

This case study underscores our ability to rescue and rejuvenate web projects, providing clients with not just a functional site but a visually appealing and feature-rich platform.

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Working with Theory Four has been an amazing experience. From realising exactly what we wanted to communicate through to the swift delivery, we've been impressed. After making tweaks to the site over time everyone at Growth HQ agreed; We already liked the first version, but this is on another level - we love it!

Inez Miedema

Co-Founder & CEO


Growth HQ

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